What is an education guardian?

The majority of boarding schools in Ireland now insist that all overseas students have a guardian based in Ireland.For most parents appointing a guardian for the first time remains an unfamiliar concept.Below we outline what a guardian is and how they assist.

Who can be a Guardian

A guardian can be either a responsible adult living in Ireland or a professional guardianship organisation. Some schools may have a minimum age, usually over 25, for the responsible adult living in Ireland. Although they can act in loco parentis in emergencies, they are not the child's legal guardian but a parent representative.

Guardianship offers peace of mind.

Guardians play a role in supporting international students and their parents throughout the academic year. Parents choose an Irish education with the hope of helping their child to succeed, but being separated by hundreds or even thousands of miles can be a daunting prospect. What happens if the child becomes ill or there is a problem at school? A guardian can step in to support the student and help to keep the parents informed.

Guardians provide help with airport transfers, accommodation during the school holidays and liaise with a school on the parents' behalf.

How do guardians support schools?

Schools rely on guardians to make holiday arrangements and provide information on where a student will stay.

Guardians also played a role during the pandemic, providing quarantine facilities before students arrive at school and organising residential holiday programmes when students couldn't return home.

How to find a Guardian

The school you apply to may provide you with a list of recommendations that they suggest.

Or check out our list of Recommended Guardians or fill in this form and we'll send you our recommended list of Guardians to use for the Boarding School your child will be attending.


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