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It is a requirement that all school age students have an Educational Guardian if the parents do not live in the Ireland, the Guardian will act as the parents' representative whilst the student is studying in the Ireland. The majority of schools make it a condition of admission to their school that any overseas student must have a Guardian based in Ireland.

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A Guardian would be a responsible adult living in Ireland who can be there in an emergency situation on behalf of parents.  The guardian for your child can be a friend or family member that is resident in Ireland. In Ireland there are a number of Guardian Agencies that offer a range of services at differing levels of involvement.  Guardians can meet your child at the airport or attend school functions on your behalf, they offer full accommodation during exeat weekends or half term holidays. A guardian will ensure that all the needs of your child are met and offers parents peace of mind and security in the knowledge that there is always someone there to support their child. Guardianship services offer a total care package from day one of a student’s stay in Ireland and throughout their study period. BSI can assist you in choosing a guardian for your child.  

Educational guardianship is key in supporting international students studying at an Irish boarding school. There is currently no law or regulation of the guardianship sector which means anyone can act as guardian or host international students in their home for short stays.  Below are Guardianship companies that have been working with boarding schools for a number of years and show good practice in guardianship service.


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