Students & Parents


Give Your Child the Advantage

As a student at a boarding school in Ireland, you will give your child the gift of time.  The gift of getting out of the car, not constantly juggling schedules and allowing your child to have time to focus on being more productive, participate in more co-curricular activities, and to develop character and values.  Your child will learn to live and study collaboratively with their peers and will come home on breaks happy, having had the opportunity to learn more, lead more and experience more. 

Boarding Schools provide students with the essential skills required to be successful in today’s shifting global economy. Perhaps more importantly, students are able to develop life-long relationships with friends from around the world, while being given the confidence to figure out who they are and where they will want to go in the future.

By attending a Boarding School, your child will be enriched by a superior education that balances innovation with tradition, international standards with individual support, and fun experiences alongside serious university preparation.  

Take some time to explore Ireland's best boarding schools, and discover the benefits of providing your son and/or daughter with a world-class education in a safe, challenging and nurturing environment.

Did You Know...

  • Boarding School graduates attend the best universities in Ireland, the UK and around the world. 99% of our students attend university. Studies have shown that boarding school graduates not only excel at some of the leading universities in the world, but also advance rapidly in their professional careers, and are more engaged than their peers in the issues affecting our broader society.
  • Boarding Schools provide strong co-curricular programs. Students benefit greatly from staying active. The boarding school environment exposes them to countless sports, co-curricular and leadership programs. Many of the opportunities include travel to other parts of Ireland and Europe.
  • Students establish life-long friendships at Boarding Schools. Students are immersed in a setting that promotes friendship, support and the shared experience. When you live where you study, you develop friends for life.  
  • Boarding Schools offer students the opportunity to develop confidence, independence, resilience, and leadership. Students are challenged to take risks and be responsible for their actions. When immersed in a safe and nurturing environment, students develop strong characters and become successful global leaders.