Irish network, school roots

Our dedicated team

BSI offers continuing support from your idea of going to boarding school in the Ireland until the day your child graduates.

We understand international students’ requirements and the strengths of individual Ireland schools. Our extensive experience and personalised service allows us to find the best school to match to each child and to provide all the ongoing guardianship care that international students require.

BSI can manage all aspects of international student boarding school enrolment. Our team are dedicated to supporting students from around the world as they settle into their Irish boarding school and enjoy their home away from home in Ireland. We care about their safety, success and wellbeing and treat them as if they were our own.

International education agency

As a Irish-based international education agency with close contact with schools throughout the Ireland, we are well placed to advise international parents on suitable boarding schools for their child, manage their enrolment and continue our support through our guardianship programme, ensuring their safety, wellbeing, success and happiness whilst in Ireland education.

From our headquarters based in Ireland’s historic capital city of Dublin and our local staff cross the country, we work with schools and students throughout the Island of Ireland.

Our founder Sarah has worked in boarding schools in Ireland at various levels and has a wealth of experience of independent schools throughout Ireland, and has looked after international students for many years.