We help you devise the best School Strategy to identify and apply for the most appropriate schools in Ireland.

Nothing is more important to you than your child’s education. The Boarding Schools Ireland team, led by Sarah, has been working with families from around the world to find the best-fit school for their children in Ireland, wherever it may be. We are seasoned education experts who know all about children and schools, and we always begin our work with a family by understanding who the child is—who they are and what they need. We help you plan for the long-term, in addition to your immediate needs, and we help with everything from recommending schools to reviewing applications.


Whether you are looking for your child’s first school or next school, we provide family-centric support to identify an environment that will be the best fit for this next chapter.  We can support you in exploring public, private, , day and boarding schools all over Ireland.


There are over 25 boarding schools in Ireland and, like all schools, they have individual missions and cultures, in addition to different curricula and program offerings.

Boarding Schools Ireland consultants visit boarding schools regularly and meet with their admissions teams; they know the differences between schools and their programs and cultures, and they understand how important it is to achieve the right fit, particularly for a student who will be living away from home.

We can help put your mind at rest that your child has found the right home away from home.


Whether you or located in Dublin, Cork or Kerry Our Dublin-based team can help you devise the best School Strategy in order to identify and apply for the most appropriate schools in your area.


There are hundreds of colleges and universities around the world, and it can be a daunting task for students to know where to apply, how good their chances are of admission at each institution, and how best to navigate the application process.

Our expert college & university consultants support students who feel they would benefit from support beyond what their current school can provide or for those who have taken time off from studies and need help getting back on track; it’s also ideal for students who may be applying to college or university in a foreign country and need help understanding the options and navigating an unfamiliar process.