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We exists to promote  boarding schools in Ireland by showcasing what these schools have to offer, offering expert Boarding School Placement advise & providing support and up to date information to help families who choose to send their children to board in Ireland.

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6 Years, Secondary schools in Ireland 

1st Year - 12/13; 2nd Year - 13/14; 3rd Year - 14/15;

4th Year (TY) - 15/16; 5th Year - 16/17; 6th Year - 17/18

3 Terms

The standard academic year begins in September, finishes in June and consists of three terms:

Sept – Dec; Jan – April and April – June. 

25 Boarding Schools in Ireland

Boarding Schools in Ireland provide students with essential skills required to be successful in today’s shifting global economy. Whether they are large or small, located in a city or in the countryside, all Boarding Schools in Ireland provide students with a high school education that is recognized by the best universities around the globe. The boarding experience gives students and parents the gift of time - less time spent in the car and more time focusing on education, extra-curricular activities and character development.