Keeping your child safe in Ireland

During their schooling, your child will need your support but they will also need someone on the ground locally to help out. By choosing us as your partner, you can relax knowing that we will be there in an instant to help out.

Think of us as the link between you and your child's boarding school.

We take care of all the essential details and help your child to make the most of this wonderful opportunity to study in Ireland. Every step of the way, you can rely on us to look after your child on your behalf. Like you, we want to ensure everything goes smoothly while they're living and studying in Ireland.

Your guardianship provider in the Ireland

Our extensive experience and personalised service has made Boardings Schools Ireland the preferred guardianship provider for international students at Irish boarding schools.

  • We are BSA (Boarding Schools Association).
  • We have enough experience to know how to manage any situation, and we treat each student individually.
  • We has decades of experience working in and with boarding schools.
  • We're connected with the boarding schools throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland.
  • Headquartered in Dublin we are here on the ground to resolve situations immediately.

Is your child under 18 years old?

Group of international students

Irish boarding schools require all their international students, including 18-year-olds, to have an appointed guardian.

We offer a wide variety of services to handle everything a student needs.

We have the experience to know how to manage any situation and we treat each student individually – no one gets lost in the shuffle.

Multiple levels of support across Ireland

BSI offers continuous support from the idea of going to boarding school in Ireland to the day your child graduates.

Our local support covers the basics plus all emergencies and we’re here round the clock. Since we started our business, we have never found a problem we couldn't resolve!