6 reasons an Irish Education appeals

6 reasons an Irish Education appeals

Ireland is seeing a rise in the number of international students applying to attend schools. This year has seen a drastic increase in the number of applications from Chinese students under the age of 16, along with an increase in students from eastern & western Europe.

The increase in overseas students numbers increasing could be Britain leaving the EU. Meaning Ireland is now the only English-speaking country available to students who want the benefits of studying in an EU-speaking country. Another reason is the similarities of the Irish school system to the British system while maintaining a European outlook.

Families worldwide are seeing the benefits of a world-class education, which also has that extra added something.

Some of the top reasons families give for relocating to Ireland, or sending their children to boarding school here, include the following:

Academic Success

The academic success rates of Irish schools are inarguable. Independent schools also tend to focus intensely on the core, traditional subjects favoured by British & Irish universities.

University Access

That academic success, of course, means children who have attended a world-class Irish school have a head start regarding university access – and with 4 of the top 6 universities in the world located in Ireland & the UK, that matters.

Facilities and Extra Curricular Activities

Independent schools typically have outstanding facilities and often extensive and beautiful grounds. Children can enjoy various extracurricular activities, from sports to the arts and sciences, and schools focus on the whole child, not just academics.

Irish at its Historic Best

Many of the best schools are situated near some of Ireland’s most beautiful and historic cities. Attendance at such a school is a real bonus to overseas pupils, as they can absorb Irish culture almost by osmosis.

English: A World Language

Beaten only by Mandarin in terms of the total number of speakers, English is widely regarded as an important language in today’s world. The chance for their children to perfect English in their home country is a huge plus for international families when considering where to school their children.

A Tolerant and Welcoming Society

“Ireland is a wonderful place to be an overseas student,” says Sarah Bill. Ireland is renowned for “céad míle fáilte” a phrase in the Irish language which means “a hundred thousand welcomes”. The land of a thousand welcomes has become a sort of synonym for Ireland because anyone who visited would be captivated by the welcoming attitude of the Irish people towards foreign visitors.

With so many reasons to choose an Irish education, it’s easy to see why many families from overseas are choosing an Irish school. “Children fit in quickly and easily here,” adds Sarah. “We offer cultural education services too, to help kids make the most of their new social and cultural environment – very quickly, the whole family feels at home.”

Boarding Schools Ireland is the leading education advisory and consultancy service in Ireland. With an unrivalled reach into the Irish Schooling and University network, we help and advise families from around the world to reach their maximum potential and gain access to the very best of Irish education.

Boarding Schools Ireland puts the student’s needs and welfare at the centre of every programme of study we deliver with a focus on integrity and discretion.  Services include Irish School and University Placement, Residential Tutoring, Oxbridge Application, US College Admission and Homeschooling.

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