Boarding School Admissions

Why Ireland and Why Boardings Schools Ireland?

Ireland is becoming an increasingly popular study destination for students interested in academic excellence and the opportunity to experience rich culture (with the benefit of lower cost compared to most UK options).

Our education consultancy services

Our consultancy packages range from a telephone consultation to a fully bespoke service tailored to meet complex, urgent or other specific circumstances. Additional services include accompanied school visits, provision of translators, educational assessments and arrangement of specialist tuition.

01. School selection strategy

Our specialists will help you both wade through the seemingly number of options and understand how to navigate the diverse boarding school landscape — which is vitally important given application processes can differ from school to school. 

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02. Academic transcripts and standardised test prep

Your school grades/reports are the one application component required by all schools, but some do have additional academic requirements such as entrance exams or standardised test submission. 

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03. Interview preparation

Our interview mentors prepare students at length for this final, important part of application process. Our is unique in that every student works with an interview tutor allowing them to practice with different interview styles and questions. 

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