Independent school placement consultants

Choosing the right primary & prep school for your child sets them on the path to a lifetime of discovery and learning and our consultants have a detailed personal knowledge of leading Irish primary & prep schools.

Every Primary and Prep school, ages 4 - 11/13, has its own distinguishing features and special qualities that will shape and impact your child's character through those hugely important early years of school.  A common attribute of any child educated in Ireland is the unique confidence and sense of adventure and responsibility that is instilled and encouraged. Schools prepare children for life and open doors to secondary schools and universities worldwide.

Our consultants have a detailed personal knowledge of the Irish independent prep school network from a range of perspectives, allowing us to provide you and your child with the best support and advice. We advise on primary and prep school entrance at all major entrance points of 4+, 7+ and 8+.

We also specialise in school placement outside the usual entrance points where special circumstances or families are coming to live in Ireland.

Next Steps

We always begin any placement with our unique in-house assessment to ensure we have a clear idea of your child’s current academic level, interests and future ambitions.  Depending on a child's age, we will assess Maths, English and Reasoning skills.  For younger children, a conversation with an experienced early year professional.
Our Head of Consulting will be able to outline how we have effectively advised families in past cases and their results, the schools and academic programmes we work with; and ultimately, how we could help your family by giving you a range of options to think about prior to deciding on how to proceed.