Ireland School Search

Ireland School Search Planning Consultations

Are you struggling to know how to start your school search in Ireland?

Researching and finding what schools to apply to can be stressful, google can help but you may have specific situations and questions that Google isn’t able to provide answers to. Hop on the phone with us, we have years of experience and can help you feel comfortable and confident in your school search

Does this sound like you?
Are these the right schools to apply too?
What do I need to apply?
What is the best time to apply?
Should I visit the schools before apply?
This is a small sample of the questions Sarah can answer on your School Search Planning Consultation.

What we can cover in your 45-minute consultation call:

We can explain the differences between schools in Ireland

Ask for specific school recommendations based on your budget and needs

Have us look over your current schools to ensure it makes sense

Get random questions answered that you’ve not been able to locate answers to through Googling or on message boards

Ask US questions about your big MOVE to Ireland

How does the consultation work?

Step 1. You purchase your consultation via the “buy now” button

Step 2. We’ll email you a link to book your call for your preferred time, and a questionnaire that will help us get to know you and your trip better.

Step 3. You’ll hop on your 45-minute call with us to talk through everything you’d like.

Step 4. Within four business days, you’ll receive your personalised mini-guide to schools in Ireland, and your unique 10% discount code off Boarding School Guardianship.