Kilkenny College

Boarding: Yes (12 - 18)
Pupils: 900; Boarders: 500
Fees: Boarding €11,853 pa
Curricula: Jr/Leaving Cert

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Kilkenny College, a Church of Ireland co-educational boarding and day school, has a rich history dating back to 1536. As the Diocesan College of the Cashel Ferns and Ossory Diocese of the Church of Ireland, Kilkenny College is recognised by the Department of Education and Skills.

At Kilkenny College, the focus is on encouraging each student to reach their full potential in every area of human endeavour. The school strives to promote in each individual a sense of purpose and self-esteem, with the goal of preparing all students to be committed citizens who serve the needs of others and are sensitive to the environment.

In pursuit of these goals, staff and students work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect, openness, and trust. Respect is valued at Kilkenny College, and all members of the community are expected to demonstrate a high level of respect to themselves and to others.

Kilkenny College provides a six-year cycle of second-level education, with the student at the centre of all College activity. The core purpose of the school is to guide students on their education and development journey through a structured curriculum that provides breadth and depth of learning. Appropriate learning opportunities are provided for all students, irrespective of gender or ability.

While all students are expected to participate fully in the life of Kilkenny College, diversity of academic ability is recognised and provided for within available resources.

Boarding is a fundamental underpinning of the structure and life of Kilkenny College, serving the diocesan and wider community. Boarding provides an enriching educational and pastoral experience in support of the growth of the student through their adolescent years. A scheduled programme of extra-curricular activities each school day extends the academic curriculum and is available to all boarders and registered day students.

Overall, Kilkenny College aspires to support the growth and revealing of the God-given and natural abilities, talents, and character of each student during their education. It is their aspiration that each student matures and develops to a point of self-understanding, equipped and willing to play an active role as a citizen in their community, their country, and beyond.

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