Rockwell College'

Rockwell College is a leading Catholic, co-educational boarding school in Ireland that educates 520 students aged from 12 to 19 years, both boarders and day boarders, boys and girls, with a distinct international dimension.

Rockwell College'
Established in 1864, it is the only Catholic co-educational boarding school for second-level students in Ireland.
Boarding: Yes (12 - 18)
Pupils: 520; Boarders: 150
Fees: Boarding €20,000 - €23,000 pa 
Curricula: Jr/Leaving Cert

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Rockwell College, located on a picturesque lakeside estate, is one of Ireland's leading boarding schools. Established in 1864, it is the country's only Catholic, co-educational boarding school for second-level students. Rockwell College operates under the trusteeship of the Spiritan Education Trust, a community of ten schools nationally rooted in the Spiritan Ethos.

Rockwell College offers world-class education and facilities to students aged from 12 to 19 years, both boarders and day boarders, boys and girls, with a distinct international dimension. With students from more than 20 countries worldwide, Rockwell College has a strong multicultural environment and global reach. Co-education helps prepare students for a diverse and inclusive world, and as a result of Rockwell's inclusive environment, students learn to collaborate with each other and develop mutual respect, empathy, and understanding. Students achieve higher levels of social skills and increased self-esteem.

At Rockwell College, students are educated in the Spiritan tradition, with due emphasis on Intellectual, Spiritual, Social, Cultural, and Sporting Activities which enhance growth in self-esteem and self-worth and imbues a concern and care for others, especially the underprivileged. The school is committed to the development of each student's gifts and encourages them to excel inside and outside the classroom.

Examination results are important, but equally important is the way in which Rockwell, in line with the Spiritan tradition, responds to students' needs for security and ordered freedom. Many enthusiastic staff members and coaching staff ensure that varied extra-curricular activities are promoted. A Christian concern for others is fostered by liturgical celebrations, fundraising events for charitable causes, and involvement of students with local schools catering for children and adults with a disability.

Rockwell College's Boarding School Residence is home to 120 boys, offering a home away from home for all year groups, including both Irish and international students. The boarding girls currently stay with Host Families who are assessed and vetted by Rockwell College, ensuring a unique experience for Rockwell students and providing them with the opportunity to meet people from the four corners of the world.

Student care is important at Rockwell College. Each year has a "Dean" who is a senior member of staff responsible for the overall care, health, and discipline of the students. A Career Guidance Counsellor, in-house Nurses, and the Chaplaincy team provide guidance and pastoral care. The combined efforts of these dedicated members of staff ensure that each student is personally cared for and that they are both welcomed to and made an essential part of the Rockwell community.

In conclusion, Rockwell College is an excellent choice for students seeking a world-class education, a multicultural environment, and a unique boarding experience. The Spiritan tradition underpins every aspect of the school's ethos, promoting the development of the whole person while fostering a Christian concern for others. With a commitment to high educational standards, personal and faith development, and a global vision, Rockwell College is one of Ireland's leading boarding schools.