Wilson's Hospital School

Wilson’s Hospital School is a haven for enquiring minds; opened in 1761, Wilson’s Hospital School is, to this day, a place where true love of knowledge makes all study a discovery and joy.

Boarding: Yes (12 - 18)
Pupils: 610; Boarders: 120
Fees: Boarding €10,500 - €18,900 pa
Curricula: Jr/Leaving Cert

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Wilson’s Hospital School is a well-established institution that values knowledge, inclusivity, and diversity. The school has a unique Church of Ireland ethos that emphasizes the importance of Christian practice, promoting respect for individual dignity, and providing a caring family atmosphere for learning to flourish. The school offers both day and boarding education and is committed to serving the needs of all its students.

Wilson’s Hospital School believes in inclusion and diversity and strives to create a school culture that reflects these values. The school works collaboratively with students, teachers, parents, and the wider community to develop a culture that embodies compassion, personal accountability, and ambition.

One of the primary goals of the school is to promote self-awareness, confidence, and generosity of spirit among its students. This is achieved by providing an environment that fosters kindness and tolerance, embraces diversity, and places a high value on integrity.

Overall, Wilson’s Hospital School is a place where students can develop a love for knowledge, explore their interests, and learn valuable life skills. The school’s commitment to inclusion and diversity makes it a welcoming and supportive environment for all students, regardless of their background or beliefs.